“Are you ready?”

XLR8 ALPINE RACING’s top racers attend our world famous, DryLand™ Training.

This high energy, fast paced training is specially designed to prepare athletes for ski racing.  Despite the excellent conditioning that sports like soccer, cross country, baseball, and football provide, the range of motion in Ski Racing is significantly different.  The muscles you use when you are in an aggressive race stance are not the same as any of these other sports.

Once a week, we will train the USSA way by working the muscles that we need for racing.  We will help racers develop strength, balance, and confidence that will help them in Ski Racing and in Life!  We have put together a challenging and fun group of exercises featuring high energy activities that really push athletes while still having it be a fun ski-based work-out for everyone.  We use many of the US Ski Team drills and exercises as well as a few of our own drills including box jumps, speed ropes, uphill shuttle runs, pole jumps, slack line, uphill hoop lunge, core work, fast feet ladders, and more all laid out in a giant obstacle course.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to join in, but come ready to go!

One day a week is not a full fitness program!  We will recommend exercises and activities for each racer to do during the week.  The workouts are challenging but fun and everyone will have a great time with their XLR8 Alpine Racing Family!